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Use patient reviews and ratings to find your next physician.
It used to be that we would select a doctor by either mere proximity or a recommendation from a family member. Now, there are more options in our medical providers. We no longer have to visit our family doctor that multiple generations of our family go to. Doctors have sub-specialties, you can select a doctor that meshes with your personality, and more. The creation of so many websites that provide reviews and ratings of medical providers has simplified our search for new doctors even more.


Whether you have a specific doctor you are researching or are looking for new local doctor and need suggestions, review sites are a great way to get information about a doctor that you won’t get by simply visiting the doctor office’s website. Sure, it’s important to know where your doctor was educated and how many years of experience he or she has, but you also want to know if it’s easy to get an appointment and if they truly care about patient concerns.

Most review sites will provide basic information such as office location, office hours, doctor education and specialties. More importantly, they’ll also offer feedback from current and previous patients. Most sites assign each doctor an overall rating based on the ratings of several sub-categories that patients rate the physician on. The better review sites also allow patients to write comments about their experience, which can be especially helpful. When reading reviews, pay particular attention to the topics below.

1) Ease of Scheduling Appointments

  • If you’re a new patient, how long will you have to wait for the next available appointment? If you have an emergency, will the office accommodate you?

2) Wait Times

  • If patients mention having to wait a long time to see the doctor, you should be prepared to do so as well. If this not acceptable to you, then look for a doctor that is rated highly for on-time scheduling.

3) Cleanliness of Office

  • You want to be sure that the office is practicing safe sanitation procedures. Do patients comment on the cleanliness of the waiting areas and patient exam rooms?

4) Friendliness of Staff

  • You won’t just be seeing the doctor when you visit the doctor’s office. Are the reception staff and nurses friendly and respectful of patients?

5) Bedside Manner of Doctor

  • Does the doctor rush patients or take time to listen to patient concerns? Is he or she friendly and easily approachable or brusque and intimidating? You need to find a doctor you are comfortable with and can easily talk to. Look for personality traits that match well with yours.

6) Emergency Appointments

  • While this is related to the appointment scheduling mentioned above, pay attention to reviews mentioning needing emergency appointments. You want to be sure your doctor allows time in his or her schedule for emergency appointments and can easily accommodate you should an emergency arise.

As you can see, patient reviews and ratings can offer a wealth of information you would not get from simply reading the doctor’s website or scheduling a consultation with the doctor. While some reviews need to be taken with a grain of salt, other patient experiences can be predictive of your experience with a doctor.


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If you’re searching for a new doctor, doctor reviews and ratings can be a great way to learn about a physician. Reading reviews takes some of the guess work out of finding a doctor and wondering if you’ll like him or her. Reviews and ratings can give you a basic idea of office policies and doctor personality before you select a doctor. The creation of so many doctor review sites makes it easier to research and select a doctor you can trust with your healthcare.

You can also return the favor to other patients by leaving reviews and ratings of doctors you have visited in the past. By sharing your experiences, you can help others determine if a doctor they are considering might be right for them.

We live in an age where we have the ability to share information instantly. By sharing our experiences with medical providers, we can take control of our healthcare and ensure a healthy future. Use doctor reviews and ratings to find a doctor you can trust and form a life-long, professional relationship with.