General Practice vs Internal Medicine

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If you have ever tried to look for a doctor you most likely know that there are many different types of doctors out there.  That is because there are many different types of illnesses out there and there are different doctors for everything.  If you want to know about family practice vs general practice you can keep these things in mind.


Internal Medicine Doctor:


1.)  These doctors are going to work with many different categories of illnesses.

2.)  Doctors of internal medicine are going to have a particular area of study that they have focus in.

3.)  There are 13 sub categories when you look at internal medicine that a person could specialize in.

4.)  They will be asked to consult with general doctors when there is a serious case.

5.)  These doctors are not going to be carrying out obstetrics or even pediatrics.

6.)  They mainly deal with adults.

7.)  These doctors will diagnose a serious illness that deals with an organ.


General Practice


1.)  A general doctor is going to be focused on treating children and adults.

2.)  They will be working with many different types of illnesses and they focus on smaller issues like the cold, a flu, etc.

3.)  These doctors are going to refer patients to internist when they are working with a patient that has a serious or chronic illness that has to be examined further.


If you are working on trying to find a doctor and you are not sure what type of doctor you really need then you will want to start with a general practice doctor.  This is going to be the best place for you to go in order to find assistance.  The general doctor will be able to help identify some of your symptoms.  It will be possible for them to help you identify what could possibly be wrong with you.  What is most important about these doctors is that they will be able to give you a referral to an internal medicine doctor.

What is important is that most people do not understand that they are going to be required to go to a general doctor in the first place.  You will see that this is necessary because most insurance companies will require you to have a referral from a general doctor before you go to an internist.  If you do not have this referral the insurance doctor will not be pay for the visit with the internal medicine doctor.  If you have an internist in mind you can actually ask your general doctor if they will send you to the internist that you would like to go to.  Most general doctors are going to be open to your thoughts and your wants.  If you tell them that there is a certain internist that your insurance company will cover, or that you have heard of, they will often send you to that doctor.  Even if you do not want to go from one doctor to the next you should know that they are specialists and they can help you.